broccoli-garlic-bijou stuffed chicken

Ahoy! Fall is here and back to the kitchen we go.

Say no to boring chicken breasts. Say yes to anything stuffed with a healthy filling.


– 2 chicken breasts feeds 3. thick cuts.
– 1 broccoli floret
– diced garlic
– 2 spoonfuls of goat cheese/bijou

– salt and pepper


– rosemary
– thyme
– use a cast iron!

DIRECTIONS, if not obvious:

Get your broccoli going and nicely steamed in a pot for 5 minutes. Once you get that drained and dry for a cutting board. Dice it up along with your garlic and toss it a bowl together. Add the bijou cheese and mix then let it cool off.

Next get your chicken fillet and cut a opening 2 inches long and deep in the middle to make a pocket.

Fill in the pocket with your broccoli mixture, stuffing it to the brim but making sure none of it is pouring out.

Salt and pepper each side of the chicken.

Transfer the chicken breasts into a pan and cook on medium heat without a top. Add rosemary and thyme leaves on top to give it a burst of heated flavor.

Flip on both side twice and make sure the chicken is nicely seared and cooked without any pink.

Once it is nicely browned, throw in the boiler with a pan top and cook for another 20 minutes.

Last step is to remove the crispy rosemary and thyme, plate it with your sides along with the juices in the pan and top it off with more fresh herbs.


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